Stop Being Teachable!

I have long believed that being teachable is a commendable Christian virtue . . . reflecting, humility, grace, and openness to the maturing work of the Holy Spirit. In fact, I have often published articles encouraging my readers to remain teachable, to continue to learn and grow in their faith, to submit to the guidance of gifted teachers. But after contemplating for several seconds recently, I realized that I was completely wrong. In fact, teachability is no Christian virtue, but rather the antithesis of what it means to be truly Christ-like. I demonstrate how I came to this conclusion through the following logical argument.

1. God is omniscient.
2. Since God is omniscient, He can not learn anything that He does not already know.
3. Since God can not learn, He can not be taught.
4. Since God can not be taught, He is unteachable.
5. Christ is fully God.
6. Therefore, in His deity Christ shares all of the perfect attributes of God.
7. Therefore, Since God is unteachable, Christ is unteachable.
8. Christians are to be like Christ.
9. Since Christ is unteachable, and Christians are to be like Christ, Christians should be unteachable.
10. I am a Christian.
11. Therefore, I should be unteachable.

P.S. Please do not try to change my mind about this. I won’t listen.

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